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Bodegas Hermosilla

ABRA | Asociación de Bodegas de Rioja Alavesa

Bodegas de Rioja Alavesa

Consejo Regulador Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja

Our Bodega

The first wines of this young winery are from the year 1974. In the beginning, the wine we produced was sold loose to bottling wineries.

From 1984, a small part of the wine that we produced was bottled manually. This was due to demand from nearby customers, mostly from the Basque Country, who had a great deal of esteem for our wines. They were our personal customers, most of whom being private individuals who bought from our winery, and had got to know our wines through being our clientele.

Currently, the wine which we produce annually is 50% young wine, 40% crianza wine and 10% reserva wine.

Bodegas Hermosilla

View of the façade of the winery

With the changes to and the globalisation of the Rioja wine market, we made a wager on a new project. Our Crianza winery grew its first wine, which was made in 1998 and went on the market in 2001.

Our challenge was to make room for ourselves among the wines that were already available on the market. We started with 50 barrels and currently we have 125 barrels for Crianza and 28 for Reserva. We bottle and market one part of the Crianza directly. The other part was sold to other producing wineries. Our project for the future is to bottle and market all of the wine we make.

Detail of the barrels Barrels room Barrels

Barrels room


Wine in the tank Tanks



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